Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Glimpse: Nesting heart bowls

Nesting heart bowls by Jen of JDWolfe Pottery

What a find!  I'm always such a sucker for ceramics, especially hand-made, hand-glazed ones, but I just had to squee over these bowls by J D Wolfe Pottery, via Krafty Thoughts.  I love the natural variations, gradients, visual textures and layers of colour that an experienced potter can achieve with glazes - it's a fascinating art.  It grabs me similarly to the jewel-bright colours enamellers bring to metalwork, though the glaze usually shows less precision and more natural variation that just makes the finished item feel all the more precious to me.  I can browse pottery all day, and just become more amazed.  Don't want to do it (well, maybe a little), but I do want to own it, to hold it, and to share it.  I already have one sake set, a sake bottle, a tea bowl and some other oddments, I don't have the space or money to start a collection!

I really have to stop right now or this will just be pottery as far as the eye can see.  Close the window, step away from the Etsy... 

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