Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Shot - Lucy Harvey

Found objects artist Lucy Harvey is currently in residence at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales, exploring rural legend and creating an outdoor site-specific installation.  

The Black Knight necklace from Harvey's jewellery enterprise Elsie Owl Adornment
I've been following Harvey's work since I discovered her extraordinary "Science and Superstition" collection and something in her work grabbed me.  I don't now what it is about found object pieces, but it's something I find myself looking out for and devouring avidly.  I haven't really done any myself, I don't feel I need to explore it, but something in it fascinates me.  It's been great to see her recent posts accumulating objects beachcombed from the surrounding area, combing the archives of fishing paraphenalia at the local museum and considering the function or otherwise of objects.
"My work explores the psychological necessity for narrative structure and how anxieties are sublimated through the mundane and extraordinary. I use craft processes as a vehicle to speak of the unknown, the uncanny and the melancholy. I manipulate the pre-existing to create enigmatic artefacts which toy with our longing to believe in the fantastic."
Lucey Harvey
 These four recent untitled pieces hit me and I had to share.  Take a look at the full image to see the diversity of objects combined:

Four new pieces from the Aberystwith Primitive series by Lucy Harvey

 I can't wait to see more.

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