Friday, 6 August 2010


I'm slightly stunned by the fact that I'm really relating to something on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour...

Unfortunately the prog doesn't appear to be available to listen again, sadly. *pout*

Andrea Boyd is a Nova Scotian, and woahman, can she play the pipes:

There's loads more of her online, I highly recommend a listen, if you like that sort of thing.

This has just been the biggest huge-wet-bag-of-nostalgia-slap-in-the-face I've had for a while, and it's strong! I played the pipes (well, starting with the beginner's 'chanter', of course) from when I moved to Scotland around age 8, until quite a few years later in high school when my Mum and I had a chat, and decided that with the introduction of fees, it wasn't worth continuing to learn as the eldest in a girls-only (rather than ability-level) class.  Paying to teach others!  Where's the mileage in that?  The thoughtless sexism which caused me to quit makes me sad but I don't really regret it - it allowed me to focus more on academic and crafty pursuits.  I do miss being good at an instrument though, one that felt so natural, and I especially miss making such a massive, beautiful noise. 

I hope that one day I'll have the time and money to get my own set and learn again, though I have the far more challenging ukulele to learn first ;) 

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